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Tased Truck Driver Will Sue Sheriff’s Department


Truck driver Guadalupe Perez plans to sue after being tased twice by Sheriff’s deputy Daniel Bettes during an October 10, 2014 traffic stop.

Perez was pulled over after driving well below the posted speed limit in front of another sheriff’s deputy, impeding his travel and making no attempt to stop or pull over. During the arrest, Bettes claimed that Perez appeared angry and clenched his fists. While Bettes ordered Perez out of the vehicle, he claims that there was a physical altercation and he used his taser on Perez. When Perez was out of his truck and on the ground, he used the taser on the driver again.

Excessive Force Used Against Truck Driver?

The 59-year-old driver claims that Bettes used excessive force during the stop. No dash cam video is available because Bettes parked in front of Perez’s truck. According to Perez, Bettes entered his cab with his weapon pointed at him.

Perez has no prior history of arrest or even a speeding ticket on his record, while Bettes was fired from the Keller Police Department in 2007 for disobeying orders and being rude to motorists during traffic stops.

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