Lil Trucker

The company that brought you the Trucker’s Friend Multi-Tool ten years ago is back with a new offering — the Li’l Trucker.

This new multi-tool is more compact than its classic counterpart but promises a variety of uses that vary from the mundane to the extreme.

Li’l Trucker Features


–Glass Breaker




–Gas Shut Off


–Hex Wrench 

–Can Opener

–Strap Cutter

In a video recently released by manufacturers the Innovation Factory, the tool demonstrates its uses in a zombie outbreak. Take a look at the Li’l Trucker in use against the undead hoard below.

If you want to add this tool to your trucker’s arsenal, check out the Kickstarter campaign starting May 6 here or visit the Li’l Trucker homepage.

Ashley Neely has been a lead content creator and social media manager with CDLLife since 2015. Her passion? Helping the men and women in the trucking industry get the news they need and the respect that they deserve.