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The Dangers Of Road Rage For Truck Drivers


When you drive for a living, you see a lot of inconsiderate, thoughtless and downright dangerous behavior from other drivers, especially 4 wheelers. Because of the amount of time that truck drivers spend on the road, they are at greater risk of becoming a victim of violent road rage.

Road Rage Can Turn Deadly — Fast

Anyone who watches the news has likely heard about the growing number of road rage incidents leading to death. The tragic road rage incidents in Las Vegas have highlighted the need for all drivers to be aware of the fact that a minor incident on the road could escalate and become dangerous.

Protect Yourself From Road Rage

With road rage on the rise, truck drivers should be on the alert. Experts offer a few tips to help you if you suspect you’re in a dangerous situation with another driver.

— Avoid eye contact. Looking at an aggressive driver can make the situation more personal – and dangerous.
— Ignore the aggressive driver if possible. Even if he or she shouts or makes an offensive gesture, acknowledging the behavior can cause the situation to escalate.
— Do not challenge an aggressive driver by speeding up or refusing to let them into another lane.
— If an angry driver starts to follow you, you should stay in your truck and drive to the nearest police station.


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