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Toll Evasion Checks Will Continue For Truck Drivers In Newark


The Delaware Department of Transportation approved funding for five more months of enhanced patrols to crack down on truck drivers who evade tolls on I-95 in Newark.

Patrols To Question Commercial Drivers on Local Roads

The enhanced enforcement comes after authorities discovered truck drivers attempting to avoid the I-95 tolls after residents began to complain about the volume of commercial vehicles on local roads. The toll evasion patrol, which started in November, was designed to increase falling toll revenue and protect local roads that were not built for heavy trucks. For the purposes of the patrol, police are defining local trips as those where a driver is making a stop or delivery within the city or within five miles of it.

Less Frequent, More Random Check Times

While past toll evasion patrols have focused on traffic between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Delaware authorities say that the checks will now be less frequent, but that they could come at any time of the day. Truck driver cited by the toll evasion patrol can expect to pay $77 to $95 and receive two points on their license.

DelDOT officials have reported a small increase in revenue from the I-95 tolls, but are unsure whether this is because of the toll enforcement campaign.

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