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Top 5 Myths About Truck Drivers


We’ve noticed that people who are not in the trucking industry have absolutely no clue what it’s really like! We’re here to help everyone get their facts straight by debunking the ‘Top 5 Myths’ about truck drivers!

Myth 1: Truck Drivers Aren’t Important

At CDLLife, we’re well aware that without truck drivers, this country would come to a grinding halt. If it weren’t for truck drivers, we wouldn’t be able to live life as we know it: There would be no Christmas (or at least no Christmas the way it is today), it would only take 24 hours for hospitals to begin running out of medical supplies, and 4 weeks to exhaust the nation’s clean water supply. Let’s face it: If it weren’t for truck drivers we’d all be living in ghost towns going hungry and thirsty!

Myth 2: Truck Drivers Are Serial Killers

A popular pop-culture myth paints an ugly picture about truck drivers being ruthless killers. Though there have historically been a few truck drivers that were known to kill: Truck drivers are actually the heroes of the highways, responding first to accidents and fighting crime on the daily.

Myth 3: Truck Drivers Are Dirty

It happens, but not always. Many drivers pride themselves on professionalism, keep a tidy rig, and know exactly the right gear they need to work safely: sleet, snow, rain, or shine! – Plus, have you SEEN the truck stop showers at the Petro in Salina, Kansas!? – Pretty swanky, if we do say so ourselves!

Myth 4: Truck Drivers Cause Traffic Accidents

We’ve heard over and over that truck drivers are reckless and cause accidents out on the road, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Truck drivers are three times less likely to get into an accident than a normal vehicle!

Myth 5: Truck Drivers Aren’t Cultured

Truckers are some of the most well-traveled individuals you’ll ever meet, there’s hardly any place that a veteran driver hasn’t been through! While on the road, they cross paths with all kinds of people! – Sounds like a cultural experience to us! 😀


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