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Top 5 Paying States For Truck Drivers


Does your paycheck measure up to other truck drivers across America? The average long-haul truck driver makes slightly over $40,000 per year.

So why do some truck drivers make a lot more (or a lot less than $40,000*) There are a lot of reasons, but locationĀ is a huge factor in how much a truck driver can expect to take home.

So are you driving in a higher paying state?

Highest Paying States For Truck Drivers

1. Alaska – ($51,280)

2. Massachusetts – ($46,020)

3. North Dakota – ($$45,700)

4. Nevada – ($45,580)

5. Wyoming – ($45,520)

Curious about what state ended up at the very bottom of the list? That award goes to West Virginia, where the average truck driver only takes homeĀ $34,410.

*All salaries based on averages from 2012.

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