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Town To Crackdown On “Hiding” And “Napping” Truckers


Officials in a Pennsylvania township are looking for ways to keep truckers from napping in their town, according to a report in the Allentown Morning Call.

Officials Say Truckers Trying To Hide

Truckers are trying to find a place where they can hide, or sleep,” said Lower Nazareth Township Board of Supervisors Chairman James Pennington during a public board meeting.

Town officials say that truckers are using two areas “that they shouldn’t be”.

One of the spots is on Keystone Drive near Hanoverville Hill. Officials say it is difficult to keep trucks from parking there because it is a major truck route between warehouses and construction sites. They also say that parts of Keystone Drive are too narrow to accommodate big trucks.

The other spot is behind the Applebee’s restaurant on Corriere Road. Police have trouble enforcing truck parking here because the border between Lower Nazareth Township and neighboring Palmer Township is right behind the Applebee’s where the trucks are parking.

Township Needs To Pass Ordinance Before Enforcing Truck Parking

The township is looking for ways to keep truck drivers off Keystone Drive, though they admit that they would first have to pass an ordinance banning truck parking before law enforcement could do anything about parked truckers.

OOIDA fired back against the article on social media. They said: “Gosh, talk about not doing a single bit of homework! The writer thinks truckers are “hiding” or “napping” when parked. True, it may be that a driver is asleep, but the Morning Call does not even seem interested in an explanation why.”

The Allentown Morning Call


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