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Troopers Use Big Rig To Nab Texting Drivers


Tennessee troopers are using 18 wheelers to catch and ticket texting drivers.

The Peterbilt truck the troopers are using is clearly marked as a police vehicle and is equipped with a light bar, but they say that most drivers pay no attention to it. “Folks aren’t looking for rigs like this, that belong to us, that are used for these enforcement initiatives,” said Sergent Josh Brown.

The extra height that the troopers enjoy in the driver’s seat of a truck is perfect for nabbing texting drivers, allowing police to see exactly what drivers are doing on their phones. Without the height advantage, police can have a hard time making distracted driving charges stick.

Many police departments around the nation have used creative deception to catch drivers texting, dressing up as construction workers or panhandlers, but the Tennessee troopers say that they are proud of their Pete. “We know that the truck is saving lives,” said Lieutenant Bill Miller.

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