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Truck Driver App: iOn Road


This is one of the coolest driving apps we’ve ever seen.

iOn Road uses your phone’s camera and sensors to detect vehicles in front of you and alert you when you’re in danger of following too closely, veering out of your lane and more.

iOn Road is $4.99 to download but well worth the price.  Additionally, to use the app, your phone needs to be mounted to your windshield, so there is an extra fee involved.

The app’s best feature is its ability to alert you if you cross the solid or dotted lines on the highway.

“Receive an audio-visual warning in case you are crossing a solid lane marking line (over 60 km/h). This can be a true life saver if you are swerving, drowsy or otherwise distracted, iOn Road’s developers state. 

Additional features include:

Collision Warning- The app alerts you of potential collisions.

Tailgating Alert- If you’re following too closely, iOn Road alerts you to back off a bit.

Speed Limit Reduction-The app detects passing speed limit signs and alerts you if you’re speeding.

Record Video and Take Pictures- The app can record videos, and can act as a dash camera, as you drive or take snapshots should a driver cut you off.

The app has received numerous awards.

Click here to download the Android version.

Click here to download the Apple version. 




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