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Truck Driver App: Weigh My Truck


CAT Scale’s Weigh My Truck app allows you to pay for your transaction and get a weight ticket- all without leaving the cab of your truck.

With the Weigh My Truck app, you can pay for your transaction via PayPal. As soon as your truck has been weighed, the weights are sent to your smartphone.

The app allows you to email a PDF copy of your scale ticket to up to five email addresses.

No more standing in line to pick up a copy of your scale ticket, though your printed CAT Scale ticket is still available for you to pick up inside after you weigh, if you need it.

Create an online account, and CAT Scale will store a history of your transactions and weight tickets for you.

The app:

• Automatically locates the CAT Scale you are weighing on by using the GPS in your phone
• Syncs with your online account to provide history feature to review past weighs
• Allows you to email copies of your scale tickets to up to five email addresses
• Tractor and trailer license fields for AZ and NM compliance
• Automatically detects reweigh eligibility
• Phone icon links directly to the 24-Hour CAT Scale Help Desk to assist with any weighing questions


Click here to download the Android version. 

Click here to download the iOS (Apple) version. 


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