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Truck Driver Credited With Saving Alleged Kidnapping Victim


A truck driver is being credited with ending an alleged kidnapping situation.

The incident occurred Tuesday afternoon at approximately 3:30 p.m. at the Pilot truck stop on Route 106 at Interstate 64 in New Kent, Virginia.

According to the New Kent Chronicle, the truck driver told authorities that he witnessed an RV with tinted windows parked near the truck stop.  The truck driver reportedly watched an individual exit the RV and walk into the truck stop numerous times.  The driver told authorities that he then saw a young woman peek out of the RV’s window and that she was “violently yanked” away from the window by someone who was inside the RV.  The driver says that following the young woman being yanked away from the window, it appeared that there was some “commotion” inside the RV.

The truck driver thought the incident was suspicious, so he called the New Kent Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities arrived at the scene. They questioned the young woman, and she reportedly told them she was being held against her will.  Authorities took the man and woman into custody for questioning.  The young woman was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

According to WWBT, “Investigators are staying tight-lipped about the case, not revealing names or if any charges have been filed. However, the Chronicle reports that sources say a young woman from Iowa was allegedly kidnapped a couple weeks ago. Sources tell the paper that the alleged victim was branded with an iron, suffering burns.”

The New Kent Sheriff’s Office, Virginia State Police and the FBI are aiding in the investigation.


New Kent Chronicle



If you have not done so, please visit Truckers Against Trafficking.  Though early reports indicate that this case is likely not a sex trafficking incident, Truckers Against Trafficking educates drivers on types of suspicious activity to report.



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