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Truck Driver Drives Wrong-Way Down Interstate To Reach Jackknifed Truck


A truck driver received a hefty ticket after he drove the wrong way down the interstate to help a coworker who had just jackknifed and crashed into the median.

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon, on Interstate 5 in Bellingham, Washington.

According to KGMI, the driver, Ronald D. Booyema, was headed southbound on Interstate 5 as his coworker, Kevin J. Van Zanten, was headed northbound.

A car came off the on-ramp and cut off Zanten’s truck, causing Zanten’s truck to jackknife and then crash into the median. Zanten was not injured in the crash.

Booyema was in the area of the crash, and heard about it on his radio.

Wanting to rush to his coworker and offer his assistance, Booyema drove south in the northbound lanes, the Bellingham Herald reported.

Booyema told authorities that he had driven 1/2 mile, on the shoulder, of the nearly-empty highway.

Booyema was ticketed for driving the wrong way on the highway.  He received a $411 citation.


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