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Truck Driver Hits Car Three Times In Suspected Road Rage Incident


A truck driver’s suspected road rage rampage against a four-wheeler on westbound 91 Freeway close to Yorba Linda, California, has been caught on video.

Truck Driver Pushes Car Into the Back of Another Truck

The incident happened September 8 when a Toyota driver, who would only identify himself as “Ray” out of fear for his safety, was hit from the rear by a truck. Ray got out of the car and waved at the truck driver, yelling “What’s wrong with you? Why are you pushing me?'”

When Ray got back in his car, the truck hit him again, even though he was hitting his horn and his vehicle was in park.

The truck then pushed him a third time, forcing him into the rear end of another truck.

Police say that the only thing keeping the Toyota from being crushed under the truck in front of it was the truck’s lift gate.

California Police Use Video Evidence to Determine if Incident Was Road Rage

The Toyota finally made out from between the two trucks and over to the shoulder of the road, where the California Highway Patrol was dealing with an unrelated incident. Ray and his wife filed an accident report.

When police confronted the trucker, he claimed that he didn’t see the Toyota. Police say that after seeing the videos of the incident, they will reinvestigate and reinterview witnesses to determine whether road rage was to blame.

The truck driver’s company, Agricomm Express Inc, has not responded to questions about the incident.


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