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Truck Driver Honored For Sacrificing His Life For Co-Driver


April 26, 2014 began like any other day for Prime, Inc. co-drivers and cousins, Boyd Miles and Christopher Crandall, however, just miles into their trip, their lives would be forever changed.

On that day, the two men left the Salt Lake City terminal and headed toward California.  At approximately 1:30 a.m., their truck lost its coolant and the team drivers were forced to pull off Interstate 5, near Lehi, Utah.

The men took all the proper safety precautions to alert driver of their presence. They pulled the truck onto the shoulder of the road. They turned on their truck’s flashers and placed cones and triangles around their truck.

Prime Inc., sent a mechanic to help, however, he was unable to repair the truck, so a tow service was called.

When the tow service arrived, the men were ordered to exit the cab, so they went to stand and wait on the passenger side of the truck, on the road’s shoulder. They watched and waited while the truck was being hooked up.

Moments later, Crandall heard someone yell, “watch out.” The next thing Crandall remembers is waking up, unable to move, and hearing the paramedics say that someone had died.

Crandall was airlifted to a hospital, where he was treated for severe injuries, including a compound fracture, broken ankle and fractured scapula.  As he was being wheeled down the hospital hall, he learned that his cousin and co-driver, Miles had died.

It would later come out that Miles sacrificed his own life to save Crandall.

A fatigued driver had fallen asleep at the wheel, crossed the highway and was coming straight for them.  As the vehicle was heading for them, Miles ran toward his cousin and pushed him out of the way of the on-coming vehicle.  The voice that had warned, “watch out” was Miles’.

Because of his heroic and selfless actions, Crandall– though badly injured– had survived.

Miles has been posthumously awarded the TCA’s Highway Angel Award.

“Our company is terribly saddened by the loss of Boyd, but we are all so grateful for his sacrifice and that Chris is still here with us today.  Boyd was selfless and deserves to be honored for his act of courage,” Prime Inc. stated.

The TCA awards highway angels with a certificate, patch, truck decal and lapel pin.  In Miles’ honor, the awards were presented to Crandall.

Rest in peace, driver.


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