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Truck Driver Loses Dog To Pit Bull Ban In Salina, Kansas


Truck driver Nathan Stewart is missing his furry pit bull copilot Sophie after she was taken away by authorities in Salina, Kansas.

Animal Control Takes Dog As Evidence

Authorities were notified after Stewart left Sophie outside but contained at a friend’s house. The dog then somehow escaped. A neighbor saw Sophie and called animal control, who sent an officer out to deal with the incident. Animal control then visually confirmed that Sophie was a pit bull. They gave Stewart the choice to let an officer load her into the van or to load her in himself. Stewart chose to load Sophie in on his own.

Breed Bans Work to Take Dog From Truck Driver

The city of Salina, Kansas has a ban on pit bulls, and any dog that merely has the “appearance and characteristics” of the breed is not allowed. According to Stewart, the dog has never shown any sign of aggressive behavior.

Stewart said that he was aware of the ban, but thought that since he was on the road 50 weeks per year that there was little chance that the law would affect him.

Driver Fights To Get Dog Back

Luckily for Sophie, Salina, Kansas recently changed its policy of euthanizing dogs suspected of being pit bulls as a matter of course. She is being held as evidence until Stewart’s April 14 court date.

Stewart is facing a $2500 fine and up to a year in prison. “I will fight for my dog,” said Stewart.

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