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Truck Driver Rescues Man From Burning Vehicle


Would you have the courage to pull another driver from a vehicle that was on fire? Especially after that driver had caused an accident that put your truck in a ditch?

That’s exactly what truck driver Joe Bearce did.

Bearce was headed south on Texas Hwy. 259 when he encountered a sedan directly in his lane. He managed to avoid a head-on collision by swerving into a ditch, but the driver of the sedan was not so lucky.

The car left the road and went airborne. By the time Bearce reached the vehicle, he could see fire under the hood. Thinking quickly, he retrieved fire extinguishers and started to work freeing the trapped driver. He managed to open the back door and reached the unconscious driver. Bearce pulled the driver out of the burning vehicle to safety.

The confused driver made Bearce’s rescue difficult even after he woke up. In his stunned state, he punched his rescuer and even insisted on going back to his (still burning) car for his suitcase.

Recognition From The TCA

When asked about the incident, Bearce said, “If I hadn’t done what I did, there is no doubt in my mind he would have died in that car. I did what I thought I had to do. I’m far from a hero.”

Bearce’s efforts earned him more than just the gratitude of the driver – he was also recognized as a TCA Highway Angel.

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