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Truck Driver Says He Was Exposed To Chemicals Multiple Times Per Day


An Oregon truck driver says he was exposed to herbicides nearly twice a day for 17 days.

Darryl Ivy is a truck driver for Applebee Aviation in Oregon.

Each day during the 17-day spraying period, helicopters spray herbicides to kill weeds that overtake Douglas firs. During the spraying, Ivy would seek refuge in his vehicle to avoid the spray.

Ivy began recording the daily crop dusting and told The Oregonian that, though he was in his truck when the helicopter flew over, he could still taste the mist.

Ivy sought medical attention for blisters in his mouth and a swollen airway. Because of his exposure to chemicals, the local fire department was notified. In turn, the fire department contacted OSHA and the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

OSHA and the Oregon Department of Agriculture are now investigating.



The Oregonian




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