Truck Driver Shot In Chicago

Police are investigating a possible road rage shooting after a truck driver was shot on the Bishop Ford Freeway in Chicago last night.

Reports of shots fired came into police around 8:30 last night when a person in a black SUV opened fire on an 18 wheeler. The 29-year-old truck driver was shot in the leg and taken to the hospital. He is expected to survive.

Police found two bullet holes on the passenger side of the truck. They are investigating

Six other people were shot overnight in the area, leading police to believe that the truck driver’s shooting may have been part of a larger shooting spree. A 48-year-old pedestrian was attacked on the 9200 block of South University Avenue by a gunman who shot him in the chest, back, legs, and face. The man later died of his injuries.

The incidents are still under investigation.

The Chicago Tribune

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