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Truck Driver Suing Carrier Over ‘Faulty Equipment’


According to the West Virginia Record, a truck driver is suing his former employer because of a ‘faulty braking system’ and subsequent crash.

In August 2013, a truck driver for an oil field carrier was driving a Kenworth truck on Route 50 near Clarksburg, West Virginia when the truck’s brakes overheated and began smoking.  The truck driver claims one of the brakes caught on fire.

The truck driver claims that he informed his supervisor of the brakes’ issues and that he was issued a new truck.

The truck driver believed that the company had taken the truck in to have the brakes repair. Instead, the truck was issued to another driver who also reported issues with the truck, however, the other driver reported transmission issues.

Some time later, the truck was taken in to have repairs made, but the truck driver believes the truck’s transmission was repaired but not the brakes.

The truck driver claims that the carrier contacted him and informed him repairs had been made to the truck and he was to take it to his next load.

On August 27, 2013, the driver drove the Kenworth to be loaded with drilling mud. After the truck was loaded, he drove away from the worksite.  As he was driving, the truck’s brakes failed. The truck driver was unable to stop the truck.  The truck went off the road and crashed into a ditch.

He suffered severe injuries.

The suit claims that carrier failed to maintain the Kenworth’s brake system.

The driver is seeking compensation for damages.

Drivers, have you ever encountered a situation like this?  If you’re worried about a truck’s condition, would you demand to see service records?


West Virginia Record


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