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Truck Driver Surprises Single Mom Bartender With $1000 Tip


A single mother of three working as a bartender in Grand Island, Nebraska, was shocked when a truck driver left her a $1000 tip.

The truck driver was seated at the bar when bartender Kari Anthony started her shift at Quaker Steak and Lube at the Bosselmen Truck Stop off I-80. The truck driver was out of hours and stopped to enjoy a meal and drinks at the bar before spending the night at the truck stop.

Anthony said that she struck up a normal conversation with the truck driver at the bar while she worked. The driver recognized her accent and asked her what part of Tennessee she was from. Anthony and the driver then talked about their families and the driver learned that she was a single mom. They talked about how important family was.

The driver insisted on paying for the meals for several other people at the bar and then left Anthony a $1000 tip on an $89 check.

Anthony told the driver that several times that she “greatly appreciated it, but he didn’t have to. But he insisted on it.” She then brought her manager over to speak with the driver, but he again insisted on leaving Anthony the huge tip.

Anthony said that because of the truck driver’s generosity, she was able to take her children to the Nebraska State Fair and to catch up on bills. She noted that she normally would not have been able to afford to take her children to the fair: “I was able to because of that gentleman. I am just extremely grateful.”

Grand Island Independent


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