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Truck Driver Terminated For Writing “Jesus” In His Logbook As A Co-Driver


Veteran Rio Grande Valley truck driver, Ramiro Olivarez is claiming to be out of a job because of his religious beliefs.

The driver was recently terminated for writing, “Jesus” as his co-driver’s name in all of his logbooks.

Olivarez is not concerned about his unemployment (he knows he’ll find another job soon enough). However, he does say that he’s frustrated about the reason for his termination.

According to Olivares, the log book just says, “Driver’s full signature and then just a co-driver name. It says nothing about a signature, just a name. The graph on there is strictly Ramiro Olivarez, and Jesus is my co-driver, and that’s my belief. That he’s with me.”

A letter of termination from Olivarez’s former employer states that he was asked to stop “submitting incomplete documentation and falsifying legal documents” – also stating that writing “Jesus” as a co-driver is a violation of the law.

Olivarez stands by his actions, regardless – and challenges other truck drivers to stand up for their beliefs by doing the same thing.

The driver also says that his former employer never told him to stop writing, “Jesus” in his logbook, and that if they had – he would have opted to put a cross on the line or leave it blank instead.

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