Trucking Organizations Urge Government To Pass Long-Term Highway Bill

Winsor Hill Hauling and Recycling Corporation

With the MAP-21 bill set to expire at the end of May, the American Trucking Association (ATA) and Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) are both urging lawmakers to pass a long-term highway funding bill.

The ATA President and CEO Bill Graves has asked Congress to “step up” and produce a long term plan and funding to preserve the national highway systems. Graves pointed out that an inadequate highway system is a threat to the nation’s economic health.

TMAF echoes the ATA’s sentiment, noting that 1/3 of the nation’s highways are in poor or mediocre condition and 1 in 9 bridges are structurally unsound. Safety is the TMAF’s biggest reason for advocating for increased highway infrastructure planning and spending. The say that a long-term highway funding bill is essential for protecting the nation’s 7 million trucking professionals, along with the motorists they share the road with.

The TMAF recently launched a print, digital and radio ad campaign to target Washington lawmakers, which can be viewed here.

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