Trucker Killed When Semi Falls Off Bridge Onto Car

A truck driver was killed after he got out of his truck and was rear-ended by another truck on a Minnesota highway last night.

Police say the fatal crash occurred around 9 p.m. near Rice. 28-year-old Jeffrey Skroch stopped his truck partially in the road at the intersection of Highway 25 and Benton County Road 22 and got out of his truck for “unknown reasons,” according to police.

31-year-old Wisconsin truck driver Christopher L. Marzofka was traveling in the same direction when he rear-ended the parked truck. Skroch died on the scene.

Marzofka was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

No charges have been filed against Marzofka.

Police are still trying to determine why Skroch stopped and exited his truck.

Minnesota Star Tribune

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