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UPDATE: Police Suspect That Gold Heist Was An Inside Job


New information has surfaced in the case of the robbery of an armored car carrying over $4 million worth of gold in North Carolina which suggests that detectives suspect that it was an inside job.

It was initially reported that the armored truck pulled over because of mechanical issues, but newer reports say that the vehicle actually pulled off of the road because one of the passengers said he felt ill and needed to vomit. The armored vehicle was inspected by a mechanic, who found no mechanical problems.

Suspicious Facts in the Robbery of Armored Truck

Warrants obtained by ABC 11 show that detectives found several red flags regarding the robbery, including the fact that the stop was unscheduled. The truck was not marked, which was also suspicious.

New reports also show that the robbers left $5 million worth of silver behind. The gold that was stolen weighed an estimated 275 lbs.

The authorities have released sketches of the suspects. TransValue Inc., the company that supplied the armored truck and guards, has issued a $50,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the suspects or the recovery of the stolen gold. Anyone with information on the robbery is encouraged to call the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office at (252) 237-2118.

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