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Vermont Ups The Ante On Anti-Idling


Vermont law prohibits any vehicle from idling for more than five minutes within a 60-minute time period. If caught, drivers could face up to a $100 fine.

The law was passed in May 2014, stating that any vehicle caught idling for longer than the allotted time will receive a $10 fire for the first offense and up to $100 for the third offense.

The only trucking exemption states, “a motor vehicle of a model year prior to 2018 with an occupied sleeper berth compartment is idled for purposes of air-conditioning or heating during a rest or sleep period.”

In March of this year, the residents of East Hardwick, Vermont “won a Notice of Violation (NOV) judgment order from the State of Vermont Superior Court Environmental Division that effectively prohibits a trucking company from continuing operation of commercial truck tractors in that district.”

Residents living near the trucking company complained of rumbling truck engines and diesel exhaust fumes and said the fumes were impacting their quality of life by preventing them from keeping their windows open and sitting on their porches.

Many states have strict anti-idling laws. Follow this link to read more about individual state idling laws. 






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