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VIDEO: Border Patrol Tells Trucker They Don’t Need Probable Cause To Search His Truck


Watch as this truck driver refuses to comply with Border Patrol’s attempt to search his truck. The agents tell the driver that they do not need probable cause to search his truck — and the trucker strongly disagrees.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIbxwo7nydM” width=”700″ height=”500″]

Here’s what the driver filming had to say about the experience:

“I get pulled to 2nd search area because I don’t open my truck door so can snoop around my truck. They asked me twice at the first checkpoint Do you mind opening the door? and I say I do mind. He then asked me if I was alone and I reply yes I’m alone after he ask me to open the door again he then tells me to pull to the 2nd location. He never asked me if I was a citizen. Later on I asked them why was I being detained, they replied because I didn’t answer their immigration questions which they never asked me. Throughout the whole process they never searched myself or my truck. In fact they were so mad they called my company and tried to get me fired, saying I put up a towel to cover up my whole window to keep them from seeing into my truck. And I refused to let them search my truck. I did not just put up a towel, it was there waay b4 I pulled up and was not evening covering half the window. And yes I refuse to let them search my truck. 4th amend baby! after my camera crashed they read the little card that tells us the powers they have which I already knew what was on it from other times they read it to me, and when he got to the part about having probable cause he started getting quiet because it says they need probable cause and started laughing saying you just proved my point. ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT needs probable cause! If they didn’t then that means they can stop you anytime anywhere and just search for no reason.”

Video Credit:

Stephen Cutts


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