In this video, an oversized load driver gets an earful from an irate CB Rambo. If you’re in a hurry, the incident really heats up around the 4-minute mark.

According to the video description: “4 Oversize loads, 4 high pole escorts, 3 rear escort & 1 floater escort. 3 loads are 15’6″ tall, 93′ long & 1 is 15’3″ tall, 82′ long. All are 12’6″ wide and around 82,000lbs. Loads are spread out as per permit regulations to allow the flow of traffic. This interaction with a rude and unprofessional KLLM driver is not unusual. Oversize drivers and their escorts deal with this kind of stuff ever day from the motoring public. It should not happen with another truck driver.”

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