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VIDEO: Driverless Truck Fails


The (sort-of) driverless truck Freightliner Inspiration is making lots of headlines right now as the future of the trucking industry. Whether that’s true or not remains to be seen, but all of this talk about trucks without drivers got us thinking about some other times when driverless trucks got a lot of attention — of a much less positive nature.

Check out this compilation of driverless vehicle fails!

1. Wait for it… This runaway truck rolls by, followed by its driver in not so hot pursuit!

2. This truck was abandoned while the driver apparently went on a snack run. The driverless truck crunched into a parked car in the meantime.

3. This driverless truck wreaks highway havoc, forcing a civilian to chase it down. 

4. This classic from the vaults shows a FedEx driver’s bad day when his vehicle develops a mind of its own, much to the amusement of these dogs!

5. This rolling bus seems to be missing something. Like a driver.

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