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VIDEO: Enough Is Enough- Drivers Deserve a Safe Haven


You all probably remember RunHard GetPaid from a video that went viral last year.  In that video, RunHard GetPaid was explaining to his dispatcher that he was too tired to drive.  The video shined a light on driver intimidation and even caught the attention of the national media.

RunHard GetPaid‘s newest video contains another valuable message; one that needs to be heard.

In the video, RunHard GetPaid is referring to the brutal murder of 31-year-old, father-to-be, Mike Boeglin.

On June 26, 2014, Boeglin arrived early for his delivery at ThyssenKrupp Materials on Junction, near McGraw in Detroit, and was waiting to unload. While he was waiting, he was shot and killed, then his truck was set on fire. While he was waiting, he was shot and killed, then his truck was set on fire.

Boeglin left behind a wife and child. His murderer has not yet been brought to justice and no suspects have been identified.

RunHard GetPaid explains that he’s parked in the same location Boeglin was parked in when he was murdered.

He says he is scheduled to make a delivery to Coca-Cola the following morning, however, Coca-Cola will not allow him to park on their lot and that he’s out of hours, so he’s been forced to park in a dimly lit, dangerous place.

It’s time for shippers and receivers to provide parking for drivers who are scheduled to pick up and deliver; it’s time for the FMCSA to allow an HOS exemption for drivers who are out of hours to relocate to a safer parking location (see Safe Haven exemption); it’s time for drivers to have safe parking!

It is unacceptable for drivers to be forced to either break the law or put themselves in danger.



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