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VIDEO: Girl Flips SUV At Night


This chilling video was recorded and submitted to us by CDLLife reader, Toly. – Another prime example of the importance of attentive driving and emergency preparedness!

“So I’m driving in Nevada on I-80 eastbound, minding my own business at about 11:30 PM. Loaded at 77,500 LBS almost maxed out by law. When out of nowhere, I saw something. Up ahead just a little light. Something told me slow down. So I started to brake, when my head lights finally reveal a Toyota 4-Runner upside-down, completely mangled/destroyed in my lane. Blocking my lane completely and partially in the left lane as well. Debris everywhere. I started braking as hard as I could and barely missed the wrecked SUV. I pulled over and ran to check if everyone was alive. And to warn drivers with my strobe flashlight and phone. It was one girl, about 25 years-old. Badly beaten up, and bleeding but alive and in shock. This video is a video to warn other drivers to switch lanes when they came up on the accident. Luckily, traffic was light. Even so with me standing out there warning people with lights in both hands there were a few that missed the upside-down SUV by 1 or 2 feet and didn’t slow down. People….!! Please be alert on the roads… especially when you see flashing lights or something up ahead.”

toly delekh


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