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VIDEO: Insane 4-Wheeler Bounces Off Median, Speeds Away


This video captures this scary 4-wheeler driver’s speeding past other vehicles and into the median — and then he just keeps going, faster than before!

According to the video description, this is “dash-cam footage from (the user’s) car on the morning of June 19, 2015 (wrong date/time stamp). I was heading to work in relatively light traffic for our area. After I made my move onto the left lane I noticed a very fast approaching vehicle in my rear view mirror. I was already well established in my traveling lane and assumed the oncoming vehicle would slow down. WRONG! I managed to swerve out of his way just in time. After the vehicle passed me, it didn’t make the next turn and smashed into the center divider. Not sure what the cause of all this was but I must assume drugs or alcohol. After hitting the median, the vehicle did NOT slow down but accelerated further.”




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