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VIDEO: Suspected Con Man Caught On Camera At Truck Stop


This video was created by a trucker to warn other drivers about a suspected con man who is working truck stops.

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According to the video description:

“This man was working the parking lot of a different truck stop, 30 miles away, the previous day. (Petro, Carnesville, GA) He has a partner, another black man of about the same size, and age. The second black man favors black leather jackets, and attempts to sell fake gold chains, also. I’ve seen the second black man (Not seen in this video) working a truck stop in Missouri earlier this year. The first time I saw the other (unseen) black man he was wearing a ‘USMC Retired’ ball cap. Yesterday, and today, he was wearing a ‘US Army Retired’ cap.
The second black man is fairly clean cut, 60’s, and I’ve seen him wearing two separate black leather jackets. One waist length, the other longer.
Yesterday, the second black man distracted truck stop employees who were looking for the first man to eject him from the property by doing a ‘he went that way’ ploy to allow both to escape.
I thought I recognized him then, he looked familiar, but he and his partner vanished before it registered. On the day this video was made, the second man was working the lot, out of sight of the cam.
‘Pro’ con men who work the truck stops often work in teams. It’s not unusual to see small groups, and I’ve seen multiple groups operating out of truck stops across the US. Eventually, you begin to recognize some of them and realize you saw the same person, doing the same thing, at a different truck stop, states away, and often thousands of miles away. I used to see the same group of ‘monte tossers’ working all over the midwest, IL, IN, MO. Another group was spotted all over the south.

These two black men are probably not dangerous, but some of the larger groups of ‘monte tossers’ will also rob you.
They will set up a ‘monte’ game, usually behind a row of parked trucks. There will be a small crowd around the game, and one member of the group is appearing to easily win a lot of money. It’s a con. Everybody present at that game is part of the group, except you. You may be allowed to win few rounds, but then you lose everything. It’s also not unusual for these criminals to outright rob truckers stupid enough to go to the ‘game’, which is usually set up in a setting that is not easily visible to passers by.
Never hand out any money in truck stop parking lots.

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