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VIDEO: Woman Posts Rant About “Rude” Truck Drivers


Have some respect for the cars on the road,” pleads an Idaho woman in a Facebook video posted earlier this month has caused outrage among many in the trucking community. The video, which has almost 100,000 views, takes place when the woman gets stuck behind a truck and takes the opportunity to unleash her fury at truck drivers.

The video was accompanied by this continuation of her verbal rant:

“18 wheels piss me off!! That is a huge thorn in my paw!! I am very angry at truckers these days… They have no consideration anymore. My dad was a trucker and my husband was a trucker. Back in the day, they used to be so much more respectful of cars on the road. They waited for the cars to pass before they got into the fast lane to pass another trucker. They NEVER got in front of cars going up hill. And they didn’t go over the speed limit. Now, truckers try to drive like they are in a car… And EXPECT consideration from those in cars… Like we are supposed to bow down to them on the roads!! I have been taking video of these JERKS and planning to compile a whole set that shows how many times I have been cut off, or forced to slow to 40 on the interstate in the fast lane because some STUPID trucker decided that he needed to pass the truck in front of him going uphill… It has become unbearable to deal with these PUNKS. One even flipped me off after cutting me off and slowing me to the point of having to stop my cruise control. People act like we need to be so grateful they bring food to the stores?? I say, DO YOUR JOB RIGHT… WITH CARE AND CONCERN AND MOST OF ALL SOME CONSIDERATION!!! I know they have deadlines to make, but they should be able to do that without being inconsiderate to the cars. I am just disgusted by what they have become. It’s a sad shame. Years ago, truckers were awesome… Today, they are just mean, rude, inconsiderate and self-centered. Sorry for the rant…. But I really am fed up!!”


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