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VIRGINIA: Veteran Truck Driver Saves Girl From Sex Trafficking


Veteran truck driver, Kevin Kimmel pulled into a New Kent County, Virginia truck stop on Saturday, February 14th, picked up some coffee, and settled back into his cab.

As he looked out into the parking lot, he began to notice something strange – an unusual-looking RV with back drapes shading all of it’s windows, and a young girl’s face peeking out. Something about her expression disturbed Kimmel, and he continued to keep an eye on the RV.

Moments later, a man began knocking on the RV door and headed into the Pilot. Upon exiting the building, he went right back into the RV.

According Kimmel’s interview with CBS affiliate WTVR: “I saw a guy come up and knock on the door then go inside the Pilot – then quickly came back and knocked again, all of a sudden the thing was rocking and rolling.”

This was an immediate red-flag to Kimmel who called it “a no-brainer” – he immediately phoned the police, and once the authorities arrived, Iowa couple Aldair Hodza and Laura Sorenson were immediately arrested for forcing a 20-year-old girl into sex-slavery.

Hodza and Sorenson have since been charged with sex trafficking by force, coercion, and fraud.

The girl had been both malnourished and tortured. Her feet were punctured, they had hammered her nails into her, and she had also sustained severe burns from having a hot key pressed into her skin – a ‘brand’ fashioned by her captors.

Kimmel says, “When I saw that young girl’s face, I said ‘that shit’s not gonna happen. I’ve got daughters. I’ve got granddaughters. I’m just happy I helped her.”

– Nice work, driver!

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