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Weigh Stations: How to Get Through One With No Worrying Involved


By: Heidi O.

I have heard a LOT of talk lately about people worrying if the weigh stations along their routes are open or closed. If you run your truck legal, you don’t have to really worry when you get that “red light” on your PrePass.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you do drive every day and some things that the D.O.T. look out for:

-If you have a PrePass and are coming up on a PrePass station, make sure you are not too close to the truck in front of you or your PrePass will blink RED.

-Keep Your Truck clean!! D.O.T. first takes a look at your truck (and equipment if a flatbedder) and make their first impression. They are more likely to skip over those who look like they take good care of their truck.

-Keep Your Dash CLEAR!! D.O.T. looks at this as you are pulling up and according to the Ohio Highway Department of Transportation officers I spoke with, they are more likely to pull a truck around back that has a lot of junk in their window than one who doesn’t.

-Keep Your Paperwork Up To Date! Some drivers don’t like to take the time to fill out their logs if still on paper logs, but sometimes, this can get you into trouble. If you are on elogs and you ever get pulled around back to show your paperwork or for an inspection, LEAVE YOUR STATUS as “On Duty.” NEVER change it to “Off Duty” as this will give you a log book violation.

-Keep Your Bills of Lading handy in case the D.O.T. wants to look at the paperwork for the load.

-If carrying a hazmat Load, keep Your hazmat book within reach. Make sure you can reach this book while you are still in the seatbelt or this could be a violation. Also, make sure the Bills of Lading for the Hazmat load are PROPERLY filled out!

-Make Sure Your load is properly secured! One of the major things that D.O.T. is looking for when they bring your truck over the scale is to check to see if you have the proper securement for the load you are carrying.

Hopefully with these small tips, it can ease some of the worry about crossing over a weigh station.

Keep the Shiny Side Up and the Rubber on the Ground and Stay Safe Out on the Road!!


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