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World’s Smallest, Hose-Less CPAP Machine


A new product promises to revolutionize the CPAP industry.

Airing has conceptualized the world’s first micro-CPAP device that requires no hoses, masks or cords.  The tiny device is simply placed in one’s nostrils and is operated by a battery.

The product is still in the development phase and the company is working to meet FDA compliance rules.

Airing, the company responsible for the micro-CPAP, is seeking the public’s help funding the device.  The company has set up an Indiegogo crowd funding account.

“We plan to raise money through Indiegogo starting June 15, 2015. Learn more about Airing on this page, join us on our Facebook page and then contribute to the cause so you can be the first in line when production begins,” the company states.

An estimated 22 million people suffer from sleep apnea. According to Airing, nearly 50% of CPAP users give up on treatment because of the cumbersome CPAP machines.

“I think it’s going to be wonderful for people. For the first time we have a treatment that patients will be willing to use. I think Airing will have a tremendous impact,” said Dr. Jeffrey Bass of Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

Posted by Airing on Saturday, May 23, 2015


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