12 Vehicle Pileup During Dust Storm on I-10

Twelve vehicles were involved in a pileup on I-10 near San Simon, Arizona, yesterday during a dust storm.

DPS Vehicle, Fire Truck Totaled During Dust Storm Pileup

The pileup crash happened around milepost 352 when blowing dust dramatically reduced visibility. A DPS vehicle was almost totally destroyed when it was hit by a tractor trailer, but the officer fortunately was not inside at the time.

A San Simon fire truck was also totaled during the pileup. The Fire Chief had been at the wheel, but he was not in the vehicle when it was hit.

Amazingly, no serious injuries were reported.

The detour to avoid the pileup took drivers 110 miles out of their way. I-10 reopened in both directions Thursday night around 7 p.m.

This is the second time this week that blowing dust has impacted traffic on I-10 in Arizona.

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