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17 Of The Most Baffling “Shower Thoughts” About Trucking


You know how when you’re standing in the shower, your mind can start to wander into some pretty weird, random places?

Turns out, there is a whole subReddit devoted to the strange mind meanderings that take place in the shower. It also turns out that people have some pretty strange ideas about trucking while they’re washing up. Here are some of the most “what the heck” shower thoughts about trucking out there.

  1. Do semi-truck drivers ever experience phantom trailer syndrome when just driving the tractor cab portion without a trailer? — penciljockey123
  2. There are so many trucks always driving on the high ways, but I only know like one truck driver.. I wonder who they all are. — kelleyz14
  3. Why do we call them truck drivers and not semi professionals —DirtyPineConeFeet
  4. I have never seen a female truck driver. — Death_Desire
  5. Truck drivers who transport donkeys are hauling ass. — SlimTimmy
  6. Truck drivers have an extremely long commute — Pinuzzo
  7. Truck drivers that haul lumber must love the movie “Final Destination” because now nobody will ever tailgate them. — onijin
  8. Truck drivers are just land sailors. — C1T3R96
  9. Delivery drivers and truck drivers are the real Santa. — Thieme13
  10. Long-distance truck drivers have probably listened to more music than any other occupation. — firstgradeblues
  11. Han Solo was essentially a glorified truck driver. — rapgameyungK
  12. There are no long haul truck drivers in Hawaii. — the_friendly_draugr
  13. Why is it called a semi truck if it’s bigger than most trucks? — ZeGermanDoctor
  14. There should be police semi trucks. — Hollowbody57
  15. Semi trucks are like the fat kids people bully of the road. People are cutting them off and speeding past them. But everyone knows that if they lash out everyone else is toast. — Tzadeek
  16. The exhaust pipe on a trailer truck is a semi colon. — Toxic_Gorilla
  17. Seeing a semi-truck without a trailer is like seeing a naked human in public. — MissMorri

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