Conceal And Carry Accessories For Women

Many lady truckers — especially those that drive alone– carry a concealed weapon for personal protection. Unfortunately, many of the conceal and carry accessories out there were not designed with a woman’s body (or fashion sense) in mind. That’s why we sought out some of the best conceal and carry accessories designed specifically for women. Take a look!

Ankle Soxxx — Lace Ankle Holster 

This simple (and quite cute) ankle holster features a five-inch pocket that will accommodate many different types of firearms and allows you to conceal in the contour of your leg.

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Black Universal Lethal Lace Holster

This versatile high quality lace holster can be worn on your ankle, calf, thigh, hips, waist, chest, or under your arm. You can change your outfit without having to change your holster.

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The Well Armed Woman Presents Gun Basics For Women DVD

Whether you’re new to concealing and carrying a weapon or would like a brush up on good technique, this informative DVD from “The Well Armed Woman” features tips from an NRA certified female instructor.

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Conceal And Carry Classic Purse With Holsters

This handmade purse features a hidden concealed carry pocket with ambidexterous zippers that gives you easy access to your weapon. Comes with two matching universal holsters.

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Dene Adams Slim Corset Holster

This lace corset not only slims your waist, but it also keeps your firearm snugly concealed against your body. Available in three colors and can fit guns up to 7.5 inches.

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