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8 Genius Uses For Table Salt


Most people think table salt is just for spicing up bland food, but there are some really good (and totally unexpected) reasons to keep some in your truck!

You Can Use Table Salt To:

    1. Make even the most bitter truck stop coffee more bearable. A pinch of table salt in your coffee helps to cut through bitterness and makes bad coffee a whole lot better. Sounds weird, but it really works!
    2. Fight stinky shoes. If your shoes are emitting a foul odor when you take them off, try sprinkling a little salt inside. The salt works to combat the bacteria that causes bad smells, leaving your footwear smelling fresher.
    3. Keep your windshield frost-free. Many people swear by keeping salt in a sock and rubbing it over the windshield to frost from forming overnight.
    4. Fight grease stains. A mixture of one part salt to four parts rubbing alcohol is an effective way to get rid of those stubborn grease stains on clothing or upholstery.
    5. Clean almost anything. Table salt mixed with water makes a great scrubber that you can use to clean your crock pot, coffee pot, or practically any other mess you can make in your truck. Plus, you’ll avoid exposing yourself to the harsh chemicals found in many commercial cleaning products.
    6. Keep your toothbrush fresh. Toothbrushes can pick up odor and germs over time. Refresh yours by soaking it in salt water for an hour or two.
    7. Make mosquito bites more bearable. Soaking your mosquito bites in salt water is an effective way to relieve itching and swelling.
    8. Get rid of yellow sweat stains. If your white t-shirts have developed unsightly yellow sweat stains, don’t toss them out! Instead, dissolve 4 tablespoons of salt in a liter of hot water and dab the mixture on the stains to remove them.

Bob Vila
Huffington Post
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