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911 Calls: Truckers Wonder Where Police Are When Charlotte Protesters Loot Trailers


Charlotte police have released 911 calls from truckers and motorists who were caught up last week’s chaos on I-85 as protesters looted trailers and set cargo on fire on the roadway.

Just hours after Charlotte police shot and killed 43 year old Keith Scott near his home last Tuesday, protesters took to the streets, forcing the shut down of I-85. During the interstate shut down, many truck drivers found themselves trapped, unable to escape from the protesters and unable to drive away. The protesters were eventually dispersed, but not before they broke into several tractor trailers and stole cargo, burning it in the road.

The newly released 911 calls show how frightening it was to be caught up in the violent protest.

Driver: “I’m So Scared.”

One 911 call came from a truck driver: “We are in a tractor-trailer and the protesters are up in the trailer taking stuff out of the trailer.” He admits to the 911 dispatcher, “I’m so scared.

Caller: “Where In The Hell Are The Cops At?”

Another 911 caller describes the scene: “They’re opening up trucks, throwing crap all over the road.” The caller seems extremely frustrated with the lack of police presence on I-85. He says that he knows that there have been previous 911 calls, but says, “I don’t see a cop one … Where in the hell are the cops at?

He also says that he worries that the trapped truckers could take matters into their own hands if police do not arrive on scene quickly: “We’ve been down here for over 30 minutes. It’s shut down this side, the other side is shut down, too. They keep throwing crap all over the highway, so somebody needs to get some damn cops out here, and pretty quick before these truckers start shooting some of these [expletives].



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