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American Truck Simulator Modding: How Gamers Are Creating Digital Versions Of The Trucks You Drive


American Truck Simulator (or ATS) has thousands of devoted fans within the trucking community because it offers gamers a chance to enjoy an incredibly true-to-life trucking experience.

American Truck Simulator Offers Realistic Trucking Experience

Like real-life trucking, ATS isn’t all about being a good driver — it’s about being smart with your business management. It’s about enjoying the landscape of America — complete with many familiar landmarks. But most of all, it’s about the trucks.

How “Modding” Can (Practically) Get You Behind The Wheel Of Your Dream Truck

That’s why ATS “modding” has become increasingly popular within the trucking/gaming  community. Modders create custom trucks often built to factory specifications that can exactly depict the look and feel of a real life truck, even down to the actual gearing and torque specifications. According to American Modding Team’s Josh Farley, “They are 3D models which are created privately on people’s home computers using factory blueprints. They do have functioning interiors. They do have spec transmissions per model and engines. Sounds are recorded mainly from driving videos so they look, sound, and drive as close as you can get to real with a video game. And they are tested by truck drivers.

So if you’re nostalgic about an old truck, want to try out your dream truck, or you want to game with the rig you drive every day in real life, you’ve got options — all you need to do is download the truck you want.

Gorgeous ATS Trucks From American Modding Team

Not only are many of the ATS truck mods painstaking recreations of real trucks — they are also very very pretty to look at.

Here are some images from one of the premiere groups doing modding online right now — the American Modding Team. The 30 member group is full of trucking and gaming enthusiasts from all over the world. AMT’s organizer Farley has provided us with some of his favorite ATS mods to share.

ATS Mod 7


ATS Mod 2


ATS Mod 3


ATS Mod 4


ATS Mod 5


ATS Mod 6

ATS Pic 9

(Last image is from AMT’s latest photo contest winner. Photo credit: Michael A. Grossi)

If you’d like to add some of the American Modding Team’s trucks to your ATS gaming experience (or if you just want to ogle some more of their designs), you can click here to ask to join the Facebook group.

Best of all — all of AMT’s modded trucks are free to download!


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