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ATA: Trucking Spends Almost $10 Billion Each Year On Safety


A new report from the American Trucking Association says that the trucking industry spends at least $9.5 billion each year on safety.

Trucking Spends Big On Driver Training And Safety Technology

According to the ATA, a large chunk — about 36% — of that $9.5 billion goes towards truck driver safety training.

Another 26% of the billion dollar safety investment goes to ensure compliance with safety regulations. This includes drug testing and motor vehicle record checks.

Safety technology accounts for 25% of the $9.5 billion. This category includes ELDs, dash cams, and collision avoidance systems.

Another 13% of trucking’s annual safety investment goes towards driver safety incentives.

ATA: Safety Spending Is Paying Off

The ATA says that trucking’s investment in safety is saving lives. They cite FMCSA data that says that fatal accidents involving trucks has gone down 32% from 1980 to 2014. They also say that trucks crash 28% less frequently than other vehicles.

You can check out the ATA’s summary of the report here.



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