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ATRI Seeking Driver Input on Parking, HOS


The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) yesterday announced they’re seeking to collect “real-world information on the daily situations and challenges drivers face in locating appropriate an safe parking.  ATRI is recruiting drivers who will keep a 14-day diary of their truck parking issues.”

ATRI is asking driver to record the time and location for their stops for food, fuel, their 30-minute break and their mandatory 10-hour breaks. In addition, ATRI wants to know how long it took drivers to find available parking for their stops.  “Drivers will also log the amount of time they lost in their duty day if they parked before running out of hours simply to secure available parking,” ATRI states.

The data will be used to help determine driver parking behavior and how much of a driver’s day is used to find parking.

“ATRI’s truck parking diaries represent a first-of-its-kind opportunity for drivers to document their truck parking issues.  We all talk about how tough it is to find truck parking; ATRI is giving us the chance to document the issues on a national scale so that solutions can be identified and acted on,” said professional driver David Green of Werner Enterprises and one of the America’s Road Team Captains.  “I am excited about completing my diary and I encourage my fellow drivers to also participate.”

Drivers who wish to participate are asked to complete a prequalifying survey on ATRI’s website.  The first 100 participants to complete the Truck Parking Diary will receive a $50 Visa gift card.

Commercial drivers with questions about participating are encouraged to contact ATRI by email at [email protected].  ATRI rigorously protects the confidentiality of all participants and responses in its research.  Any identifiable characteristics will be removed and findings will only be reported in the aggregate.



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