Three Killed In Two Semi Crash On I-80

The Georgia State Patrol is searching for the driver of a box truck that struck and killed a truck driver on I-85.

The incident occurred on the shoulder of I-85 near Malone, Georgia Tuesday afternoon.

According to GSP, at approximately 2:30 p.m., truck driver Aleksandr Petrovich pulled onto the southbound side of I-85 at Dry Pond Road and got out of his truck.

An oncoming box truck struck and killed Petrovich. The driver of the box truck didn’t stop.

Authorities believe the truck had a picture in a frame with green and red coloring. In addition, the word “foodservice” may have been written on the side of the truck. The truck may be missing its passenger-side mirror.

The driver of the box truck was described as a light-skinned 40+ year-old man with a beard.

You’re asked to call GSP Athens at (706) 552-4439 if you have any information that might help police find the hit and run driver.

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