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Buffalo Bills CB Starts Trucking Company — And Has Good Advice For Others Who Want To Do The Same


Buffalo Bills cornerback Nickell Robey is proving his off the field tenacity by starting his own trucking company.

Robey went undrafted in 2013, partly because of his small stature, but has worked his way onto the Buffalo Bills starting lineup as a nickel cornerback. The Bills extended his contract in 2015, but Robey says that he’s looking for ways to use the skills he’s learned on the field in the trucking industry.

CB’s Family Has Over 70 Years Experience In Trucking

According to Robey, trucking was a natural fit because he came from a trucking family. He says that between his mom, aunt, dad, and uncles, his family has about 70 years of trucking experience. Robby’s family was able to help him make important connections in the trucking community to get started.

Robey started Maximize Enterprises LLC. just last year with just one truck based in Orlando that mainly hauls produce to the southeast. Truck number two will be on the road soon, but Robey envisions having 100 trucks on the road in within 15 to 20 years.

NFL Player Got Brokering License To Cut Out Middle Man

As a way to save money, Robey got his brokering license to avoid paying the middle man. Says Robey, “When you brokering loads you basically have your own authority to go to these multi-million dollar companies and call them and ask them what their load orders look like in terms of how many loads they have. They can’t give you every single load they’ve got, so they might give you 200 loads to manage depending on how many trucks you’ve got. They just give it to you and it’s up to you to sort it out.

Robey also stresses how important it is to have good insurance: “I have a $3 million policy so if anything happens we can cover it. That’s what corporations look for. So I work with Coca-Cola, Tropicana. It helps give you an opportunity. They might start you off with 50 loads and see how trustworthy you are. See if you can transport and ship on time. Once you prove you can do it they’ll start filling you up and working with you regularly.

Robey Passes Brokering Savings Onto Drivers

Robey says that he tries to pass on the savings from brokering his own loads to his drivers: “I give them 25 percent on in-state loads, and 40 cents on the mile on out-of-state loads. That’s better than any trailer company that’s driving right now. I did my research and big time companies give you 35 to 37 cents per mile on a load.

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