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Carrier Fined For 2,076 Overweight Violations


An Illinois based carrier will pay Nebraska over  $222,000 in civil penalties for hauling overweight loads within the state.

Nine Month Investigation Uncovers Thousands Of Overweight Violations

Burnham-based trucking company Mr. Bult’s Inc. (MBI) was contracted to rehaul garbage from Omaha to a landfill near David City with a registered weight of 94,000 pounds. Calls from concerned citizens and suspicious roadside inspection results led the Nebraska State Patrol Carrier Enforcement Division to conduct a 9 month investigation into the carrier. That investigation included a thorough review of the carrier’s weight records from October 2013 to July 2014.

During their investigation, they discovered 2,076 violations of the state’s weight laws.

Heavy Fine To Serve As Example To Other Carriers

The Nebraska State Patrol says that the investigation should serve as a warning to other carriers who would try to violate the state’s weight laws: “The outcome of this investigation should send a message to those who would try and circumvent our laws to think again.

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