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CBS2 Discovers That Trucks Aren’t Really “Hauling Danger”


After intense backlash from the trucking community over a sensational report blaming trucking for horrendous highway accidents, a CBS2 reporter actually got into the cab of a big rig to learn who is really at fault for danger on the road.

Even the promo video for “Hauling Danger” caused controversy, featuring images of truck crashes with a deep voiceover asking, “Sideswipes. Tip overs. Deadly accidents. Could this happen to your family next?

Many members of the trucking community took to Facebook to give CBS2 an earful about how wrong they had it.

Said Facebook user Rebecca R: “These journalists should ride in a tractor trailer for a few days and experience what they deal with every mile, 4-wheelers (aka cars, trucks) cutting them off at every exit, slamming on brakes in front of a big truck, expecting the semi to be able to stop and wonder why they get ran over or side-swiped when the trucker tries to avoid them. Get a real perspective of the story before you report on it CBS!!”

Turns out, CBS2 listened to what truckers and their families had to say. They produced a follow-up report called “Catching Bad Driving From Behind The Wheel Of A Big Rig” that points out that cars are at fault for causing 80% of crashes involving both cars and trucks, according to FMCSA data.

Following the advice of many truckers, CBS2 reporter Alex Denis even rides along with a trucker to get a better feel for who is really “hauling danger” on our highways.

You can see the new CBS2 report in the video below.


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