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CBS2’s “Hauling Danger” Promo Sparks Social Media Backlash


Though the report has yet to air, the promo video for CBS New York’s segment “Hauling Danger” has already drawn angry responses for what many feel is an alarmist portrayal of the trucking industry.

The promo video features images and video of truck crashes along with a deep voice narrating, “Sideswipes. Tip overs. Deadly accidents. Could this happen to your family next?

The promo has only been available on Facebook for a few hours, but it has already been the target of many angry comments.

Facebook user Rebecca R wrote: “These journalists should ride in a tractor trailer for a few days and experience what they deal with every mile, 4-wheelers (aka cars, trucks) cutting them off at every exit, slamming on brakes in front of a big truck, expecting the semi to be able to stop and wonder why they get ran over or side-swiped when the trucker tries to avoid them. Get a real perspective of the story before you report on it CBS!!

Rob K says that the report is missing the point: “How about fixing the true problem and teach people how to drive around semis. 80-90℅ of semi-4wheeler car or personal vehicle accidents are caused by the person driving the smaller vehicle… Trucks take more rooms in turns, trucks need way way way more space to stop, if you merge back in front of a semi any closer than an entire semis length you are cutting the semi off putting the driver in danger of having to kill you should you have to immediately emergency stop. If the yellow sign for the curve says 35 mph and the semi driver is going too fast avoid being along side him. Try not to pass a semi on the right because it’s freaking hard to see you out of those mirrors and easy to screw up and side swipe you. Also if there are signs saying no trucks left lane realize that the truck tailgating you in the middle lane is trying to pass in the passing Lane designated by law for trucks to pass. Most people ignore those signs. It’s a lot ain’t it. But if kids were taught it when learning to drive the road would be much safer.

Joe R. called out the station for using scare tactics: “Typical scare journalists, look up the facts. Car drivers are the leading cause of traffic collisions.


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