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Cuomo Calls Experience At Rest Stop (That Truckers Are Now Banned From Using) “A Nightmare From Hell”


In a speech delivered to the Long Island Association in Melville last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo describes a “nightmare from hell” that he experienced at the LIE rest stop at Exit 51 — a rest stop that truckers are no longer welcome to use.

Truck Parking Banned At Renovated LIE Rest Stop

The LIE rest stop is currently undergoing a major renovation project, but truckers will not be able to use the new amenities because truck parking is banned at the new facility — and along the service road leading to the rest stop.

The rest stop’s new amenities will include 30 restrooms, electric car charging, improved lighting, satellite police offices, 24-hour security cameras, and parking for 135 cars. Semi truck drivers, on the other hand, will have to travel further east to a parking lot with only portable toilets.

Cuomo Said Truckers Contributed To “Terrible” Experience At Rest Stop

During Cuomo’s speech, he detailed a Friday evening that he spent at the rest area several years ago, using the word “terrible” four times. Cuomo was stranded at the rest area waiting for a tow truck when a classic used car that he and his brother had purchased broke down.

Notably, Cuomo said that truck drivers contributed to the experience he called “a nightmare from hell”: “The truckers who are staying there wind up being very creative in their finding uses for the functions that they need to fulfill.

Cuomo said of his evening at the rest stop, “It was like being in some movie of Land of The Lost, where you saw things that you were not supposed to see in life. I mean, you would have liked to have lived your whole life and not had seen these things or experienced them, because then you can’t get them out of your mind once you’ve seen them. I mean it was terrible.

You can listen to the Governor’s account of his awful evening at the LIE rest stop in the video below. Skip ahead to about 22:40.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Czlt1Y1VzUI” width=”700″ height=”500″ responsive=”no”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjCXnnE_aPA[/su_youtube]

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